First and Foremost

Please don't conjure up a mental image that looks like a page from a glossy magazine, my yard makes Steptoes yard look palatial !

Please Remember

Always bare in mind that all my doors were made long before metrification, all before the second world war, mainly pre1900 as were the vast majority of homes that they go to, so it's much better if we discuss requirements in good old fashioned imperial inches so we are comparing like with like, greatly reducing the margins for error.


The most frequently asked question is when I've stripped/sold doors is "how do I finish them off?" Please contact me for details of my perfumed, natural,un chemical cooking oil based product !! It's much quicker and simpler to speak direct as opposed to bouncing emails to and fro.

Finally and Most Importantly

One of the biggest problems is when people want "antique" doors to go into modern houses to give them "character". Most of my door stock was made by hand, hand sawn planks, hand made nails and screws. No sand paper, no power tools ! Most importantly, no rules and regulations. If a man had a short fat wife, his house would have short fat doors. If she was a tall thin woman, yep You've got it, tall thin doors. Remember "happy wife, happy life". To give some idea of the proportions, the average height of a sailor in Nelsons navy was 5 feet two inches, so the most common door height for that period was 72 inches(6 feet) compared with present day dimensions where the standard height is 6 feet 6, or 78 inches and the average persons height is 68 inches . Same proportions, 200 years difference.

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